Super Singer Junior Voting | Super Singer Vote Junior Season 6

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Super Singer Vote Junior 6 Online: Vijay TV Super Singer Junior is back after a Five successful seasons. Now, Vijay TV has entered into the Super Singer Season 6. Vijay TV has selected the Contestants all over the Tamilnadu through audition.

Super Singer Junior 6 has selected 20 Contestants for the reality show. Each and every contestant are ready to fight each other with music. It gonna be the most entertaining show for the People, and you can cast their vote to your favorite contestant.

However, You can enjoy watching the Vijay TV Super Singer Junior 6 from the Hotstar App on your Mobile. The first Season was sponsored by the Airtel and Now for the Season 6 Nippon paint has taken the Sponsorship. However, the Super Singer Juniors has started with 20 Contestants, 4 judges, and 2 hosts. Below you can get to know about the name Details of the Judges, Host, and the Contestants.

Super Singer Junior Season 6 already started on 20 October 2018 with a Chief Guest as Jothika. The Super Singer Junior will be telecasted every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm.

Here you will get to know about the Contestants Details, Elimination results, Winners, and Super Singer Vote Junior 6 Online. Also, You can get to How to Vote for Super Singer Junior 6 Voting Online.

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Tababi Devi Wiki, Biography, Age, Youth Olympics

Tababi Devi is an Indian Judo player from Manipur who is participated in the Buenos Aires Summer Youth Olympics 2018. She has claimed a Silver medal in the Olympics by creating a history of First Indian Judo playerto achieve a Silver medal in Olympics.
Check below to know about Tababi Devi More.
Tababi Devi Age


Gouri G Kishan Wiki, Biography, 96 Movie, Images

Gouri G Kishan is an Indian movie actress, who debuted in the Tamil movie 96, directed by C. Prem Kumar. In this movie, she is acting in a younger version of Trisha Krishnan along with Adithya Bhaskar who is the co-star in this version. Gouri finished her graduation in Journalism at Christ University, Bangalore.

Gouri G Kishan Role in 96 movie

Gouri G Kishan wiki

Gouri played the role of Trisha Krishnan in her younger age that is lovely and natural. Her name is Janaki Devi, she used to sing only the Janaki songs. She had an affair with her classmate K.Ramachandran, which is acted by Adithya Bhaskar and later by Vijay Sethupathi. She greatly did justice to her role as if no other could act in a much better way.

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Download Advanced IP Scanner for MAC

Advanced IP Scanner Download: If you are a system admin or running an office on the same Local Area Network. You want to Know what are all the Local IP address on the same LAN and MAC address of it. Also, to take the system remotely to resolve some basic issues. In case of any misuse shut down the system from a remote location.

If you want to do all the functions from a single software. Then you need to download Advanced IP ScannerAdvanced IP Scanner is available for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Also, You can Get MT65XX Preloader driver.

You can download IP Scanner here from the Download section for free. Might be thinking about what is Advanced IP Scanner and its features. You can find all the details about it below. Just keep on reading.

What is Advanced IP Scanner?

The Advanced IP Scanner is a network scanner with a user-friendly interface in it. It helps to find all the Local IP address, mac address of all connected computer on LAN, either Wired or Wireless. It allows to scan all the ports in the LAN and enable access to shared folders and FTP servers.



IP Scanner allows admin to shut down any computer in the LAN or to wake-up the computer. Enable Wake-Up on Lan to wake-Up the computer in the Same LAN.

Advanced IP Scanner Radmin

Radmin is the secure and reliable remote access software. It helps you to provide IT support to your organization. Allow to access unattended computer and perform server maintenance. It helps to check the mail, work from the Home.


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Download Kinemaster for PC and MAC

Kinemaster for PC/ Kinemaster Pro: Most of them show interest in editing their photos, videos to publish on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

For you here is the app for editing the videos & photos is Kinemaster for PC. Apparently, with the help of this app, you can edit with the limited access.

If you want the full access to edit, then you must go for Kinemaster pro. Also, User can get the Kinemaster for Mac.

If you are looking for this video editing app and also Kinemaster mod Apk then you are good to be here. Here you can find the Kinemaster for PC windows.

Lets us see the features of Kinemaster and the installation process of Kinemaster APK.

Features of Kinemaster for PC

You would have known about the Kinemaster app what all it can do, what it is useful for. Let see the Kinemaster Apk features and the reason to download it. Also, Check Google Account Manager Apk.

Kinemaster for PC
Features of Kinemaster Apk
  • The Best thing about Kinemaster Apk, it is available for Free.
  • Edit HD videos
  • Cool Pictures and video effects
  • Multi-level transitions
  • You can do crop & trim the videos.
  • In Kinemaster for PC, you can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and many more.
  • you can preview any edit.
  • In Kinemaster Pro, Themes, animation, visual effects are available.
  • Also, you can share your edits in Social media like Facebook, Instagram.
  • You can use stickers, images, text, and handwriting in videos.


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Kinemaster for PC

Moviebox For IOS

Download Moviebox for IOS

The Moviebox for IOS is also available as Moviebox for PC. Especially, iPhone can be used for playing games, office work, as a cam recorder and easily connect to the social media by the users.

Besides with these remarkable options IOS devices allows some of the third-party application in various categories seems like entertainment, security, social media and other diverse applications. Consequently, you can Download Moviebox for IOS.

Download Moviebox  for ios Here

It’s is also available for Moviebox For Android APK, Blackberry Moviebox, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac PC, Moviebox App.

Moviebox Online is a kind of mobile application available for both Android and IOS devices. Moviebox for IOS/Moviebox iPhone allows the user to view an enormous amount of TV Serials, Movies, Songs, Videos and other concerts at free cost.

Features of MovieBox for iPhone/ Moviebox for IOS Download

Moviebox for IOS offers a wide range of features with IOS devices which makes it a best-suited application for IOS device users. Some of the features are given for your references.

  • Simple and user-friendly application for the mobile users.
  • Offers free downloads all the videos and movies.
  • We can choose our favorite movies and videos from MovieBox list.
  • Free from account creation and login ids with MovieBox Application.
  • Share the movies and videos with our friends and groups.

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IOS Emulator for Android

IOS Emulator for Android:  If you are an Android user and a die-hard fan of iPhone. Don’t worry. You can use the iPhone apps on your android smartphone. This the best part of the Android, you can change everything in it. With the best IOS Emulator for Android, you can get any IOS application.

Here we are going to see “How to get an IOS application to your android”. With The help of IOS Emulator, you can transform your Android phone into iPhone.

IOS Emulator is also Known as iPhone Emulator for Android or Apple Emulator.  Apple IOS is stable and not everyone can afford the iPhone due to its price tag. Here we can help you by downloading the IOS apps for android. The IOS Emulator for Android helps you to run any number of games, Apple(IOS) apps on your android.

Ios emulator for android
Ios emulator for android

Many of them have doubts about IOS Emulators like ” How to install iPhone apps on Android ?”. “What is the best IOS Emulator to run IOS apps on Android ?”. ” How to get an App store on Android?”. “How to play IOS Games on Android ?”. Here you will get all the answer to your doubts.

Features of IOS Emulator for Android

  • IOS Emulator for Android is available for free of cost. Just need an Android Device.
  • It runs any IOS Apps on your Android Device without any Issue.
  • Emulator creates IOS like environment on your Android device and gives you an awesome experience.
  • IOS Emulator does not need your Android device to be rooted. It also works on the Non-rooted device.

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  • It helps the IOS developers to test their application without any iPhone device.
  • Mostly, All the iOS apps are compatible with IOS Emulator for Android.

Generally, There are different types of IOS Emulator on Android. Here I will give you the Best 3 IOS Emulator for Android. To Run an IOS emulator, you don’t need an expert. It’s very easy and simple step to follow and start using Apple Apps.

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